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The key to economic development and poverty reduction in Africa is the stability and democratization of African governance institutions. Attempts to strengthen economic governance structures to promote growth and human development in Africa have been dampened by high incidence of induced ethnic conflicts and violence. If not be prevented and managed well, they have the potential to degenerate into dreadful violence, genocide (like that in Rwanda) with far reaching developmental consequences.

The victims have no recourse to speedier justice and receive no material, morale, and spiritual support to enable them to rebuild their assets and well being, and quickly restore their human dignity. Those raped, orphaned, widowed and psychologically affected need specialised medical and psychological counselling to assist them to recovery and rebuild their lives after the crises. Currently there is neither government nor civil society capacity to provide adequate services to the victims at individual and family levels in Kenya.

Friendly Action Network (FANET) Organization is therefore established to help fill this gap in responding to these violence acts in terms of providing material, technical, legal and psycho-social services to help these victims in Kenya. The network will seek resources to provide well targeted empowerment programs to victims of violence and to engage key stakeholders in design and implementation of response and recovery initiatives in order to promote program ownership, inclusiveness, policy dialogue and multi-culturalism.

The organization will provide these services to the victims in Kenya in the interim and thereafter it will ride on the lessons and experiences gained in Kenya to provide relief and technical support to other civil society organizations working in other countries in the region.

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