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“Everybody’s responsibility”: Conceptualization of youth mental health in Kenya

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There is increasing interest in providing resilience-building interventions in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), but limited evidence on how young people and their carers process mental health and related supports. The aim of this study was to establish stakeholders’ conceptualization of youth mental health in a disadvantaged area of Kenya through focus groups with 7 young people aged 14–17 years and their parents, 9 teachers and 11 practitioners or community leads. The four identified themes related to definitions of both mental well-being and mental health problems; a range of contributing factors related to identity resolution, parenting, poverty and social media; attribution of responsibility at different socio-ecological levels; and required awareness, supports and interventions at these levels. Stakeholders, notably young people, are thus essential in the development and planning of user-led and culturally appropriate interventions in LMIC.

Keywords Awareness, developing countries, mental health, stakeholders, young people